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Almost any system can benefit from having a dedicated subwoofer to extend the range and enhance the output capability of the main speakers and achieve smooth low-frequency response. These specialized speakers are expert conveyors of bone-vibrating movie explosions and other sounds that you feel as much as you hear. Try one out, and you.ll never go back to ordinary sound again.

  • Infinity PS38 Black

    8", 300/150-Watt (Peak/RMS) Powered Subwoofer.


    Original Price: $329.00

    $199.95 / Each

    You Save: $129.00

  • Infinity PS410 Black

    10", 500/300-Watt (Peak/RMS) Powered Subwoofer


    Original Price: $449.00

    $299.95 / Each

    You Save: $149.00

  • Infinity PS312 Black

    700/400-Watt (Peak/RMS) powered subwoofer.


    Original Price: $549.00

    $399.95 / Each

    You Save: $149.00

  • Infinity Reference SUB R12

    12" 300 Watt Powered Subwoofer


    $499.95 / Each