Mfg Model: AVR 3600

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128 x 64-Pixel LCD Display With Backlighting

  • HDMI® v.1.4a for 3-D TVs
  • Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio? recording
  • Dolby Volume Technology
  • Superior Logic 7® (5.1 and 7.1) sound processing
  • Faroudja DCDi Cinema™ video processing
  • Four HDMI inputs, one HDMI output and seven digital inputs
  • EzSet/EQ&tradeequalization
  • The Bridge III docking station for iPod and iPhone (included)
  • A-BUS/READY&trademultiroom audio outputs with Zone II remote control
  • High-current capability (HCC)
  • HDTV-ready
  • Compressed music tools
  • Preprogrammed/learning remote
  • Quadruple bass crossover manager

Get the 3-D experience - at home.
harman kardon® engineers think ahead. That's why you can now experience a new world of 3-D TV technology right at home, since the AVR 3600 comes with HDMI® v.1.4a for 3-D TVs. And don't worry if you have an older AVR 3600 model; you won't be left behind. Simply upgrade to the new 3-D software using a free download directly from the harman kardon Web site. One of the most respected harman kardon features has always been foresight - and by supporting the AVR 3600 with 3-D technology, harman kardon engineers continue to be leaders in this area.

Hear the Dolby? difference.
When it comes to getting the cleanest sound and picture imaginable, the AVR 3600 delivers excellence - at the highest resolution possible. Now, with Dolby® TrueHD decoding, you can unleash the ultimate high-definition audio experience. Unlock the full potential of your Blu-ray Disc&tradetechnology or any streamed HD media that you import through the AVR 3600's USB port. Whether you're listening to a rock concert or watching your favorite movie, you'll get the full audio impact - 100 percent faithful to the source - while experiencing an immersive surround-sound experience that lands you right inside the action.

Set it - and forget it.
What if you could set your AVR volume once and not have to worry about it again? Whether you're watching TV or a DVD, Dolby® Volume technology delivers a consistent volume level to all your entertainment. Be it a Blu-ray Disc? recording or an MPEG-3 or MPEG-4 video file imported through the AVR 3600 USB port, you need set the AVR 3600 only once to eliminate unpredictable volume differences among TV shows, commercials and movies. By maintaining the same volume level across all of your content - no matter what the source - Dolby Volume offers you an ideal listening environment with a consistent level of quality.

Surround yourself with superior Logic 7® (5.1 and 7.1) sound.
Offering a universal multichannel sound solution for your movies, music and games on either 5.1-channel or 7.1-channel sound systems, harman kardon® Logic 7® processing takes original recordings (from stereo or any other source material) and transforms them with proprietary algorithms all our own. The result? Optimal audio quality that engulfs you in a 360-degree soundscape. Whether it's handling HDMI®, analog, component or S-Video sources or computer-based audio from a USB connection or your iPod device via a The Bridge III docking station, Logic 7 technology works skillfully to ensure a superior entertainment experience - without any hassles.

Get a high-quality picture with Faroudja DCDi Cinema&tradevideo processing.
Every now and then, a technology comes along that's truly a match made in heaven for harman kardon® entertainment systems. Meet Faroudja DCDi Cinema&tradevideo processing - a technology that improves the quality of images coming through your AVR 3600 by drastically reducing video artifacting with digital or analog signals. That means fewer lines and a smoother picture - especially when there's movement across your TV screen. In addition, Faroudja DCDi Cinema technology can also upscale lower-resolution video to the HD standard (1080p). Just when you thought you had to abandon your DVD collection for good, the AVR 3600 reveals even greater value by indefinitely extending the life of your movie library.

Simplify the setup of your home theater system with HDMI® video.
There's no denying that the typical home theater system can be challenging to set up and use - but harman kardon® systems are far from typical. With four HDMI® inputs and one HDMI output with 12-bit Deep Color and xvYCC pass-through, the AVR 3600 makes connecting to nearly any device - be it cable, satellite or virtually anything else - easy and straightforward. You'll benefit from a newly developed, high-definition, full-color graphical on-screen interface that utilizes both pictures and text to guide you through your home theater system setup. And by importing an HD-quality signal, you can rest assured that you'll experience the best signal available - as you upscale lower-resolution sound and picture to standard HD format (1080p).

Fine-tune your system like a pro.
The powerful EzSet/EQ&tradesystem gives you all the tools you'll need to accomplish professional sound calibration - right at home. Improve your audio system's performance in just a few short minutes using the EzSet/EQ automated room-equalization and system-calibration feature, which simplifies system setup, letting you achieve optimal audio quality in any listening room. EzSet/EQ technology even sets the volume, balance and timing of 5.1-channel or 7.1-channel surround-sound speakers with the touch of a button. By automatically measuring the frequency-response dips and peaks in the listening room using an advanced, omni-directional microphone, the EzSet/EQ system applies a precise, compensating equalization curve to gain extraordinary sonic accuracy. And even though the system may sound complicated, it's easy to set up and use. Just connect the included microphone to your AVR 3600 receiver and follow the on-screen instructions. In a few simple steps, the AVR 3600 will automatically adjust the sound to your specific room conditions, even directing sound toward listeners in the most ideal seated position.

Give your iPod and iPhone devices a bigger venue.
Your iPod or iPhone device is a great way to take your favorite songs with you, but thanks to a The Bridge III docking station (included), those devices can now also elevate your entertainment experiences right at home. Simply connect your The Bridge III to your iPod or iPhone device (and to the AVR 3600 with a single cable) - and, using your remote control, navigate your music and video libraries with high-resolution on-screen menus. Your selections will sound like never before. Your The Bridge III can even play back the video from your device as well as HD videos from iTunes media players in full high definition - and will generously charge your iPod or iPhone device in the process. By automatically upscaling non-HD videos to the HD standard of 1080p, you'll achieve the best picture possible. It's all part of the harman kardon® commitment to let you see what you want, when you want, where you want - with the greatest of ease.

Enjoy music in every room of the house
Thanks to the Zone II remote control and the A-BUS/READY&trademultiroom audio outputs provided with the AVR 3600, you can now play music throughout the house, pleasing all musical tastes in the family. Listen to the positive reviews flood in from every room when you add multiple new input sources that transform your home into several electrifying entertainment zones. This way, you can take advantage of the extensive capabilities of your AVR 3600 - and give each audience member under your roof exactly what he or she likes to hear.

High-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifier for uncompromised realism.
Since the very beginning, harman kardon® engineers have set out to create technology that serves the music. That's why the 7.1-channel, 80-watt harman kardon AVR 3600 makes better, louder and cleaner sound than most 100-watt amplifiers from other companies. The reason is very simple: We give true wattage ratings and utilize high-current capability (HCC), allowing speakers to output sound that's loud and clear - without any distortion. This technology brings the overall decibel average up, making it seem even louder than you'd expect from 80 watts. Hear that? That's harman kardon engineering making your music, movies and multimedia sound better than you ever imagined.

Stay HDTV-ready with component video inputs.
In addition to HDMI® v.1.4a with 3-D and four HDMI inputs, the AVR 3600 also comes complete with high-definition component-video cables to help ensure that you're compatible with whatever other audio equipment you choose to hook up to it. These cables are necessary in case your cable-TV box or satellite tuner does not have a fully functioning HDMI port. Having this option will ensure the greatest level of flexibility when it comes to pairing your AVR 3600 system with whatever other components you may have. The same goes for the AVR 3600's seven digital inputs (two optical and three coaxial on the rear panel; one optical and one coaxial on the front panel), which offer great versatility in connecting with other audio systems.

Bring out the best in your music.
The AVR 3600 does wonders to improve the sound of whatever music tracks live on your iPod, iPhone or other MP3 player. Using compressed music tools to improve the playback quality of any audio stream, the AVR 3600 is a self-sufficient receiver designed to elevate the sound quality of your favorite songs from your top playlists - without requiring you buy any additional audio equipment.

Take control with an eight-device, preprogrammed remote control.
There's nothing more frustrating than a coffee table stacked with more remote controls than coffee-table books. That's why the AVR 3600 simplifies your life with a preprogrammed/learning remote control capable of directing your TV, cable boxes, satellite tuners and home theater. With its impressive, ergonomic design, the backlit remote control works seamlessly with the high-definition on-screen menu to guide you through system setup - minimizing confusion wherever possible.

Quadruple-crossover bass manager.
harman kardon® receivers, such as the AVR 3600, offer an advanced and versatile bass manager, which allows you to set the crossover to one of six specific frequencies for each of four different speaker groups. Within the same surround-sound input mode, the six choices are 40Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz and 200Hz. And when you select the high-pass frequency point, the AVR 3600 automatically sets the proper matching, compatible low-pass frequency point (to the LFE output) to ensure that none of the low-frequency information is lost - and all sound is outputted properly to assigned channels. Of course, this is just a highly technical way of saying that your AVR 3600 works hard to make each speaker sound its best.