*Factory Reconditioned* Enjoy your entire iTunes library from any room in the house — without wires.

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The JBL On Air™ Wireless speaker system — the world’s first AirPlay speaker with a color LCD screen — changes all that. It streams iTunes 10 music or Internet radio directly from your computer over your existing Wi-Fi® network via AirPlay. You’ll enjoy full navigation and playback control using Apple’s free Remote app on your iPhone or iPod touch device, and you’ll see album artwork and track information on the bright color display.

JBL On Air™Wireless at a glance:

  • AirPlay wireless music streaming
  • Color LCD screen
  • Works with any Wi-Fi® network
  • iPod/iPhone dock
  • Digital FM Radio with RDS and 10 station presets
  • Clock with dual alarms
  • Three JBL® transducers with 360-degree HALO acoustics
  • Proprietary DSP technologies

All of your music - anywhere - or everywhere.
All of your iTunes 10 songs and playlists. Any FM radio station or Internet radio from iTunes. Anything on your (or someone else's) iPod or iPhone device. The JBL On Air&trade Wireless speaker system offers you more ways to enjoy music from more sources more easily than any system we know of. And with more than one JBL On Air Wireless speaker, you enjoy it all in more than one room at the same time - so you'll never miss a beat no matter where you are. (Don't try that with ordinary speaker docks.)

AirPlay wireless music streaming.
AirPlay technology gives you wireless remote access to your entire iTunes 10 music collection and iTunes Internet radio with full navigation and playback control via your iPhone or iPod touch device with Apple's free Remote app.

Color LCD screen.
JBL On Air™ Wireless is the world's first AirPlay speaker to display album artwork and track metadata on a bright color screen. See what you're hearing in a choice of five languages, with auto or manual brightness control.

Works with any Wi-Fi® network.
AirPlay is easy to set up and use with virtually any Wi-Fi® network, including WPS-protected systems. Configurations for up to four wireless networks can be stored in system memory.

iPod/iPhone dock.
The JBL On Air™ Wireless lets you play and control music directly from all docking versions of iPod and iPhone, and to charge your devices while docked, so you can wake up to a favorite song or playlist.

Digital FM Radio with RDS and 10 station presets.
You have easy access to your favorite music, news and talk programming, and you'll see artist, album and track info on the color LCD screen.

Clock with dual alarms.
Keep everyone on schedule. Two people can wake at different times to iPod, iPhone, FM or buzzer tone.

Three JBL® transducers with 360-degree HALO acoustics.
Distinct stereo imaging is often less than ideal with desktop sound systems, but the JBL On Air™ Wireless's unique HALO (horizontal acoustic level optimization) design delivers rich, full-spectrum JBL sound uniformly, across a wide listening area.

Proprietary DSP technologies.
The JBL On Air™ Wireless employs proprietary digital signal processing technologies to maximize sound quality and output under any listening conditions. Computer-optimized equalization (COE) creates a musical soundstage that is larger and richer relative to other systems of this size, and optimized compression topology (OCT) adjusts the dynamic range for clear, low-distortion sound at high-volume levels.

Aux source stereo 3.5mm jack.
The JBL On Air™ Wireless can be connected to virtually any audio source, including computers, MP3 and CD players.

IR remote.
A credit-card-sized remote controls all JBL On Air™ Wireless functions (power on/off, volume, mute, play, pause, skip, repeat) from up to 15 feet (4.5 meters) away

USB port.
Future-proofs your system by enabling firmware updates.

A history of high performance.
JBL® Professional loudspeakers have been the recognized reference standard in audio reproduction for more than 60 years. They are the systems you hear in premiere concert venues, movie houses and recording studios around the world. Chances are, many of your favorite songs and movie soundtracks were mixed and mastered on JBL studio monitors, the industry benchmark for accuracy in the playback of recorded sound. JBL VerTec® arrays are the massive overhead sound systems you hear in sports arenas, convention halls and outdoor events - anywhere tens of thousands of people congregate. But JBL engineers also design and build systems for audiences of as few as one, and they rarely begin with a clean sheet of paper. JBL home entertainment systems incorporate many of the same advanced technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques originally developed for JBL Professional systems, and you can hear it in the sound.