Mfg Model: KAPPA680.9CS-Z

*Factory Reconditioned* 6" x 8" (5" x 7") two-way component system

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6" x 8" (5" x 7") two-way component system with outboard crossover and I-mount tweeter mounting kit including Startfish OEM adapter.

Plus One woofer cones - This patent pending technology deliver a cone with more surface area than competing models of the same size. The result is increased bass output and higher efficiency.

Edge-driven UHF dome tweeter - These are not commonly used W-domes, but fully edge driven domes like those found in fine home audio loudspeakers. This much larger voice coil increases power handling and provides better sonic integration with the mid-woofer. This brand new Infinity tweeter delivers flawless output to 35kHz, ensuring reproduction of every last detail

True Four Ohms— All Kappa speakers feature two ohm voice coils. Original factory-installed speaker wiring in many cars is 18-22 gauge. This wire, and heating in the voice coil when power is applied, increase the impedance “seen” by the amplifier or head unit. The impedance of Kappa Speakers has been adjusted to compensate for this increase and can be safely driven by any head unit.

Woven glass fiber woofer cone material is extremely stiff, minimizing cone flex which yeilds very low distortion and improved clarity, an Infinity trademark.

Computer-optimized voice-matched outboard passive crossovers - Each Kappa multielement and component system features an outboard crossover that has been voice-matched for flawless performance with incredible detail and accuracy.

Adjustable tweeter level-Each Kappa component system features a user adjustable tweeter level control on the passive corssover.