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Welcome to All About Audio, our online audio and A/V information resource. Whether you're looking for the scoop on the latest technologies, background on the basics, or just an explanation of what a term or specification means, this is the place to come. We will be adding to this area regularly, so be sure to check in occasionally to see what's new.*


The hidden component in any audio or home theater system is the room itself. The more harmoniously speakers and room interact, the better the sound. This element of the audio equation has been a key focus of Harman research for many years, and we've learned quite a bit. Here you'll find information on the basics of room acoustics, how these factors influence (or should influence) loudspeaker design, and how to get the most out of your own speakers at home. Harman Technologies: R.A.B.O.S.™ White Paper
Room Adaptive Bass Optimization System. The first practical solution to the ever-present problem of intergrating a system's bass output with its individual room environment.
(1.4MB PDF) Loudspeakers and Rooms Working Together
In this paper we will attempt to make the best of this imperfect system by identifying the major variables in the loudspeaker/room system, and dicussing methods for their measurement and control.
(167KB PDF)

The Acoustical Design of Home Theater
A companion paper to Loudspeakers and Rooms, this paper focuses on the design of home theater loudspeaker systems and listening rooms.
(110KB PDF)

Infinity's Bass Optimization System
A simpler version of the Room Adaptive Bass Optimization System, this white paper discusses the diffeculty in obtaining exellent bass performance in may room and explains how this system allows the listener to obtain better bass performance, in any listening environment.
(1.4MB PDF)

Our goal is to put science at the service of art and audio at the service of music and motion pictures. Understanding the science behind the sound can help you to be a better audio shopper and to get the best out of the equipment you buy. With that in mind, we've collected here papers and articles on significant audio technologies, both of a general nature and specific to Harman products.

Speaker Design: Audio-Art and Science
This paper reviews scientific work performed by dr. Floyd Toole and his colleagues, that aimed to determine the extent to which listeners agreed on their preferences in sound quality and, beyond that to identify relationships between listener preferences and meaureable performance perameters of loudspeakers.
(131K PDF)

Harman Technologies: C.M.M.D.™ White Paper
Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphram. The most signifcant mid- and high- frequency- diaphram advance in the last twenty years.
(777K PDF)

Digital Technologies: Inside recordable DVD
Recordable DVD–The Inside Story

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