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The electrical motor strength of a speaker.

Baffle Board

The board to which speakers are mounted in a box.


An adjective describing a system or device that operates only over a specified range of frequencies. In audio, there are bandpass filters, as in loudspeaker crossovers, and bandpass loudspeakers as in bandpass subwoofers. In all cases, frequencies outside of the pass-band range are severely attenuated.


The difference between the upper and lower usable frequency limits of a circuit, a device, or a communications (radio, TV or digital data transmission) channel.

Barrium Ferrite

A material capable of maintaining a strong magnetic force.


The outer frame of a loudspeaker driver that supports the magnet, the diaphragm and other moving parts.


Low-frequency audio signals. Frequencies below approximately 300Hz.

Bass Boost Circuit

Used in car audio amps to allow for additional control of response in a specific vehicle. These are usually centered at 40Hz and provide up to 6dB of gain.

Bass Reflex

A low-frequency loudspeaker enclosure design in which the volume of the enclosure and the dimensions and shape of a vent, or port, form a Helmholtz resonance which is designed to integrate with the performance parameters of a woofer. Such systems are characterized by increased acoustical output at certain frequencies near the system resonance, less output at lower frequencies, and the potential for reduced distortion at high sound levels. See: Helmholtz Resonance


A crossover design that places emphasis on phase and transient response over reducing ripple.


Bass reproduction in which certain notes are exaggerated or prolonged by one or more resonances. See Resonance


A type of butyl rubber surround that has excellent damping characteristics and is extremely environmentally stable.


Combining the outputs of two amplification channels to provide one more powerful channel. Note that bridging may raise the minimum load impedance that the amplifier can safely drive.

Bump Back Magnet

A magnet design that minimizes the chance for speaker "bottoming."


A filter with a pass band allowing no ripple, but sacrifices steepness in the attenuation slope.


A type of rubber used for speaker surrounds. Butyl has very good damping characteristics and is resistant to UV contamination from the sun.