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The half power (-3dB) of a loudspeaker enclosure design. (Hz)


The basic unit of capacitance. Outside of stiffening caps, the most common values of capacitors are in microfarads, or millionths of a farad.

Fastglass™ Dome Tweeter

Tweeter that uses an exclusive fiberglass material that is both lighter and stronger than conventional materials. These tweeters are extremely efficient while delivering musically accurate high-frequencies.


The resonant (tuned) frequency of a vented box. Expressed in Hertz (Hz).


The resonant frequency of a sealed box. Expressed in Hertz (Hz).


Polyfill or something similar used to "stuff" a box. When placed inside a box, fill makes the box seem larger to the woofer, and helps break up standing waves within the box.

Flat Response

The ability of a speaker or amplifier to reproduce all points of the frequency band equally, without dips or peaks when referenced to the original input.


The free-air resonant frequency of a passive radiator. (Hz)

Free Air Resonance

The frequency at which a driver will naturally resonate.


The number of vibrations or cycles completed by a signal in one second. Frequency is expressed in cycles, or more commonly, Hertz (Hz).

Frequency Response

The usable frequency bandwidth of a speaker, amplifier, or source unit. Usually stated as lower to upper frequency with a deviation in decibels, or relative loudness. Example: Frequency Response of 10Hz to 40kHz +/- 1dB.


The free-air resonant frequency of a driver. (Hz)


A device designed to protect other electronic devices by melting and opening the circuit when the system is drawing too much power.