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A weaker overtone or undertone of a musical note that is responsible for the character or texture of the note.

Harmonic Distortion

Distortion that is harmonic in nature, following the natural harmonics of the original signal. This is the least noxious form of distortion.

Head Unit

A factory or aftermarket car radio, especially with CD or cassette.

Hertz (Hz)

The basic unit of frequency. The number of full cycles completed by an alternating signal in one second.

High Current Design

An amplifier that is able to supply the electrical current demanded by a reactive, low impedance driver, while maintaining output voltage.

High Frequency

The highest audible frequencies. Generally accepted as those over 5,000 Hz.

High Level Inputs

Allows amplifiers to be directly interfaced to most factory head units.

High Pass Filter

A device or network of components that blocks low (bass) frequencies below a designated point, and allows high frequencies to pass.

High-Ouput Digital Amplifier

A more efficient amplifier design that delivers much more power, with lower distortion than conventional amplifier designs.

High-Polymer Laminate

A type of speaker cone that consists of a natural substrate with a coating of a special polymer to reduce cone resonance and increase strength. HPL cones are extremely durable and keep their shape under extreme conditions, providing tight bass and excellent dynamics.