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The device at the back of a speaker that provides a stationary magnetic field to attract or repel the voice coil as the signal passes through it.

Midrange Driver

A speaker that is designed to reproduce midrange frequencies, where most musical information lies.


A speaker that is designed to reproduce the upper bass frequencies, typically between 80Hz and 200Hz. Small subwoofers are often used as midwoofers in order to integrate a larger woofer, or add midbass "punch."


Thousandths of an amp.

Mineral Filled Co-Polymer Cone

A very light and rigid cone material that combines high strength and exceptional damping characteristics. JBL uses this on the GTx subwoofer line for high SPLs and excellent transient response.


The mechanical mass of a loudspeaker diaphragm including air load.

Moderate Q Design

Used in subwoofers, this design delivers high output at cutoff in small sealed enclosures.

Multiple Power Supplies

Putting more than one power supply in an amplifier. JBL will often use multiple power supplies on large amplifiers to improve performance in difficult situations.