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Negative Feedback

The practice of returning some of an amplifier's, or amplifier stage's, output to its input 180 degrees out of phase. This has a tendency to reduce distortion and make an amplifier more stable. Too much reliance on negative feedback results in very high IM (intermodulation distortion) readings, and poor sonic performance.


A rare earth magnet that is 10 times stronger than standard ferrite magnets.

New Neoglass ™ Tweeters

This tweeter material is made of woven fiberglass making it extremely durable and able to withstand abuse and higher power. The sonic properties of this material are also excellent delivering smooth high frequency extension clear out to 22kHz.


The reference efficiency of a driver with a half-space acoustical load.

Nominal Impedance

The stated impedance rating of a speaker. This is used by a manufacturer to represent the load the speaker will provide to an amplifier.