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Parallel Sixth Order Bandpass Enclosure

The most common type of sixth order enclosure where both vents or ports fire outside the enclosure.

Parallel Wiring

Connecting two or more devices to a common voltage point so that each device carries the full applied voltage.

Pass Band

The band of frequencies that a bandpass crossover or bandpass speaker enclosure will allow to pass.

Passive Radiator

Often called a "drone cone." A speaker with no motor assembly that resonates in response to a driven speaker in an enclosure. Passive radiators act very much like a vent or port in a speaker.


The maximum continuous (RMS) power-handling capability of a speaker.


An emphasis on a relatively narrow band of frequencies, typically less than one octave in width.


Amount of time required for one cycle of a sound wave to occur.


The timing of a sound or electrical wave. Phase is measured in degrees, from 0 to 360. 180 degrees would be perfectly out of phase and often causes signal cancellation in lower frequencies.


Being electrically positive or negative.

Pole Piece

The metal pole attached to the magnet structure in a speaker's motor assembly that is surrounded by the voice coil, forming the inside wall of the gap.


Textured polypropylene speaker cones, proprietary to JBL's GTO line of mobile audio speakers. The textured surface helps to break up harmonic resonances that travel along the cone surface, improving midrange response.


A vent or tube tuned to extend the usable response of a woofer in an enclosure.


A variable resistor used to attenuate a signal.


The amount of energy in Joules that a device uses or delivers divided by the time the energy was used or delivered.

Power Line Noise

Varying AC noise in a car that is heard as a whining that increases or decreases with engine speed.

Power PMP Cones

Injection-molded PolyMethlyPentene woofer cones used on JBL's Competition Series GTX Multi-element speakers. PMP is much lighter and stiffer than either polypropylene or paper, resulting in excellent transient and bass response. PMP's superior damping characteristics also dramatically improve midrange clarity.

Powerstat ™ Baskets

This is a composite basket material that provides a rigid, non-resonant platform, which ensures optimum clarity and long-term reliability. An additional benefit is that since it is a non-metallic material, all energy is focused at the voice coils gap, thus increasing speaker efficiency.

Powervalue ?

This is JBL?s Class D amplifier topology. More efficient that Class AB amplifiers, Powervalve draws less current from a vehicle battery and run extremely cool.

Pre-Amp Outputs

Facilities on an amplifier, signal processor, or source unit that pass a low level signal to an amplifier for further amplification.

Progressive Spider

Provides better control at excursion limits than a linear spider.

Pure Titanium Dome Tweeters

JBL uses pure titanium domes in high-end speakers. Titanium is extremely light and stiff, making it an excellent choice for making tweeters.

Push-Pull Configuration

See Clamshell.