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Textured Polypropylene Cones

See Poly-Tex.

Theile-Small Parameters

A series of driver measurements developed by A.N. Thiele and R.H. Small that models how a speaker will work with an enclosure.

Thermalum Woofer Cones

are composed of a polypropylene base with a bonded Nickel layer. This cone is extremely durable making it the ideal chose for those who like to listen to their music loud with fatigue.

Thiele, A.N.

A pioneer in studying speaker/enclosure relationships. Along with R.H. Small, defined what is currently accepted as the basis for enclosure design.


A strong, lightweight metal, often used in high-stress situations, e.g., in the manufacture of space vehicles, race cars, airplanes, and medical replacements. JBL has long been a proponent of using titanium for speaker and compression horn diaphragms.

Titanium Composite

Combination of titanium and a special polymer. This material benefits from the strength and lightness of titanium as well as the damping qualities of a polymer to make tweeter diaphragms and speaker cones that are strong, lightweight, and capable of extremely accurate reproduction.

Titanium Composite Injected Molded Curvilinear Cones

Speaker cones made from a titanium/polymer composite that are molded into a curvilinear shape and result in a strong lightweight cone that is capable of excellent bass and transient response, as well as a clear uncolored midrange.

Tri-Laminate Hybrid (TLH)

A cone material using three bonded layers: an extremely light cellulose substrate for low mass, a silicone shield for weatherproofing and a special polymer film to stiffen the cone and damp out unwanted resonance's.

Tuned Port Bass Enclosure

A loudspeaker design by which bass energy generated behind the woofer is released through a vent that is precisely matched to the size and configuration of the enclosure and driver. This type of enclosure extends low-frequency response; increases efficiency of the system, reduces distortion, and improves the power handling of the loudspeaker.