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Volt-Ohm Meter. An analog meter that reads Voltage, Ohms, and Milliamperes.


Volume of air having the same compliance as the suspension of a passive radiator.


Volume of air having the same compliance as the suspension of a speaker.


Internal volume of a box with a vent or passive radiator.


Internal volume of a sealed box.

Vented Polepiece

This is an opening in the back of a loudspeaker magnet and is used to increase power handling by keeping the motor structure cool.

Video Contour

A unique active bass EQ circuit that optimizes subwoofer performance for movie listening.

Video Shielded

Cancels stray magnetic fields that are generated by the speaker's magnets. Allows the speaker to be placed near a television without causing any degradation to the picture.

Virtual Center Image Enhancement

The ability of the JBL GTP4 processor to simulate a center channel signal, creating a three-dimensional center image without actually using a center channel speaker.

Voice Coil

A coil of wire attached to the rear of the speaker cone that works with the magnet to provide a motor to drive the speaker. The hookup wires for a speaker connect the head unit or amplifier output to the voice coil.


The basic measurement of electrical pressure in a circuit.


Electrical pressure that can do work.

Voltage Drop

The amount of energy used by a device that has resistance in a circuit.


Number of cubic feet, cubic inches, or liters of space in a speaker enclosure.