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2-way, dual 4" bookshelf/wall-mount speakerLoud, clear, stunningly realistic audio reproduction for public spaces and private homes has been the JBL® stock-in-trade for more than 60 years. But in all those years, there has never been anything even remotely like JBL Control NOW™ loudspeakers. Advanced JBL technologies have been seamlessly engineered into a unique, arced enclosure that makes these speakers perhaps the most flexible ever developed. Individually, or in a circular or semicircular array of up to four speakers, there’s virtually no place where JBL Control NOW speakers cannot go, and there are more than a few places where only they can fit. (These black speakers are made for indoor use.)
What's in the box:
  • 1 JBL Control NOW speaker
  • 2 #10-32 x 2" (M5 51mm) screws
  • 2 #10-32 x 1/2" (M5 13mm) screws
  • 2 #8-32 x 1/2" (M4 13mm) screws
  • 1 #1/4-20 x 1" (M6 25mm) screw
  • 1 stand-mount bracket
  • 1 corner/wall-mount bracket
  • 1 corner/wall-mount bracket cap
  • 2 bracket covers
  • 1 multiunit wiring adapter
  • Owner’s manual
Product Features:
  • 25 – 300 watts suggested amplifier range
    JBL engineers designed the JBL Control NOW loudspeaker to deliver enhanced, room-filling sound from a compatible AVR (audio/video receiver) or 25- to 300-watt power amplifier.
  • Multiple placement and installation opportunities
    Horizontally. Vertically. On a bookshelf. On the ceiling. The JBL Control NOW speaker gives you numerous installation solutions – and world-class sound. You can wall-mount or corner-mount the speaker, set it on a shelf or place it in mid-air with an optional floor stand (available separately).
  • PolyPlas woofers, titanium-laminate tweeter
    The JBL Control NOW’s stiff, lightweight, 4-inch (100-millimetre), PolyPlas™ low-frequency transducers provide maximum bass response and reproduce vocals with incredible accuracy. They also minimize distortion, even at high volumes. With these woofers and a 3/4-inch (19-millimetre) titanium-laminate tweeter, the JBL Control NOW speaker gives you true audio reproduction.
  • Outstanding audio output
    With a frequency response of 80Hz to 30kHz, the JBL Control NOW reproduces a full sound range from deep bass tones to ultrahigh frequencies. It also features power handling of 50 watts continuous and 300 watts peak to give you all the volume you need.
  • Video shielding
    Put the JBL Control NOW speaker anywhere you like – even near your TV or other video display. Other speakers placed so close might cause interference on the screen, but we’ve magnetically shielded the JBL Control NOW to block interference.
  • A variety of wiring options
    Single-channel wiring, two-channel wiring for even sound distribution, two-channel stereo wiring, four-channel wiring – the JBL Control NOW speaker can handle them all. Run your audio any way you like.
Manuals & Downloads:
General Specifications:
Satellite/Surround Speakers
Wall-Mount Capable
Audio Specifications:
Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power
Frequency Response
Nominal Impedance
8 ohms
Crossover Frequencies
2000Hz-18dB/octave; woofer 36dB/octave tweeter;
Power Handling (Recommended)
(2.83V@1m) 90dB
Power Handling (Peak)
Speaker Specifications:
Low-Frequency Transducer
Dual 4" (100mm) PolyPlas,™ shielded
High-Frequncy Transducer
3/4" (19mm) Titanium-laminate dome, shielded; waveguide