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The JBL® GTO 8629 is a “factory-sized” 180 watts peak (60 watts RMS) two-way coaxial speaker system intended to be a direct factory replacement for many of today’s vehicles with 5" x 7" (130mm x 180mm) or 6" x 8’’ (150mm x 200mm) speaker locations. It uses Plus One® (U.S. patent number 7,548,631) woofer cones, the patented I-Mount™ system (U.S. patent number 5,859,917) for the tweeters and an edge-driven, soft-dome tweeter that can be aimed via the unique UniPivot™ tweeter (patent no. 6,002,780).
At A Glance:
  • 25 – 180 watts suggested amplifier power range
  • Patented Plus One woofer cone technology
  • Fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) frames
  • Three-ohm voice coils
  • Vented magnet assemblies
  • Frequency response to 21kHz
  • High sensitivity (93dB@2.83V/1m)
  • UniPivot and adjustable tweeter level
  • Edge-driven, soft-dome tweeter diaphragms
  • Industry leading product development and evaluation standards
What's in the box:
  • 2 GTO 8629 coaxial speakers
  • 1 foam tape for mounting surface
  • Miscellaneous mounting hardware
  • Owner’s/installation manual
JBL® GTO Series high-fidelity automotive speakers feature innovative technologies engineered for the environment and conditions in today’s cars to deliver exceptional sound. Using patented, carbon injected Plus One® (U.S. patent number 7,548,631) woofer cones, fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) frames, butyl rubber surrounds and fabric tweeter diaphragms, GTO Series automotive speakers are the ideal upgrade to any car’s audio system. GTO Series speakers, including component separates with woofer, tweeter and passive crossover, cover the most popular factory-replacement and aftermarket sizes. Other unique features such as UniPivot™ (patent no. 6,002,780) tweeter positioning and tweeter level controls on select coaxial models and the patented I-Mount™ system (U.S. patent number 5,859,917) for the tweeters in the component separates provide even greater installation flexibility to more easily achieve the ultimate in-vehicle sound experience. Easily installed and built to last, JBL GTO Series speakers bring music to life in the car.
Product Features:
  • 25 – 180 watts suggested amplifier power range
    JBL engineers designed the GTO 8629 coaxial speaker to produce strong, clear sound from a head-unit or amplifier capable of delivering up to 180 watts of power. This makes the GTO 8629 an ideal match to systems powered with head-unit or factory-amplifier power levels. Even better, the speaker matches many of the GTO Series amplifier combinations. As a result, it can keep up with systems that feature one or more subwoofers and satisfy high-fidelity audiophile listeners. And its great power-handling specifications also increase reliability over the lifetime of the speaker.
  • Patented Plus One woofer-cone technology
    The GTO8629’s Plus One carbon-injected cones provide more overall speaker-cone area than other cones in its class. With an effective increase in cone area, the speaker radiates more air. Also, its carbon-injected cone material produces a lighter and stiffer cone. The result is a better low-frequency response and a greater ability to make those important musical notes that people often associate with larger speaker sizes.
  • Carbon-Composite Non Magnetic Frame
    Looking for a longer lasting speaker? Look no futher than the GTO9 Series. Our Carbon-Compostie, non magentic frames maintain their integrity and precision even under the most demanding conditions
  • True 4 Ohm Technology
    Low-Impedance, three ohm voice coils compensate for the undergauged speaker wiring found in many of today's cars, and make the most of every watt your amplifier or head unit can deliver.
  • Vented magnet assemblies
    GTO 8629 speakers feature vented magnet assemblies to help cool the voice coil. Keeping the voice coil cool adds to increased reliability from greater power handling and helps eliminate power compression that can distort the speakers’ sound.
  • Frequency response to 21kHz
    A wide frequency response that extends beyond 20kHz helps to compensate for speaker-placement variations in your car and for human hearing deficiencies in the high frequency spectrum above 15kHz. The result is that GTO 8629 speakers deliver more of the full-range frequency response that you associate with great sound.
  • High sensitivity (93dB @2.83V/1m)
    High sensitivity allows a wide range of power to provide great sound without overdriving the audio system. With a sensitivity of 93 decibels at 2.83 volts/1 meter, the GTO 8629 speaker achieves excellent volume and musicality with as little as 5 watts RMS. That means better performance overall with even very moderate power driving the speaker. And better performance makes the GTO 8629 speakers an ideal replacement for factory speakers as well as for any aftermarket speaker installation.
  • UniPivot and adjustable tweeter level
    UniPivot technology is an innovative feature on the GTO 8629 that allows tweeter to be aimed at the listening location for better stereo imaging and high-frequency response at the listener’s ear. You can also easily adjust the tweeter output from 0 to +3 decibels to compensate for low and off-axis mounting positions or road noise.
  • Edge-driven, soft-dome tweeter diaphragms
    The edge-driven, soft-dome tweeter design in the GTO 8629 increases power handling while reducing high-frequency distortion. Edge-driven tweeters also have better dispersion characteristics and allow a lower crossover frequency, which improves imaging. The result is better vocals and clarity in your music. There’s no sense having it loud if it doesn’t sound clean, too.
  • Industry-leading product development and evaluation standards
    JBL technicians specifically evaluate each GTO Series speaker model in the development stages for overall and vocal-range voicing, intermodulation distortion (IMD) and performance at the limits of electrical and mechanical design. We also test according to strict carmaker reliability standards, both in development and in final production. All of these details are virtually unique to JBL car speakers, as most competitors do not even come close to this level of detail and oversight.
Manuals & Downloads:
General Specifications:
6 x 8 / 5 x 7
Audio Specifications:
Power Handling (RMS)
Frequency Response
(2.83V/1m) 93dB
Power Handling (Peak)
Nominal Impedance
3 ohms