Mfg Model: CINEMA 300-Z

*Factory Reconditioned* Compact speakers for larger-than-life home theater sound

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Pure Hollywood excitement for any listening space.
JBL® engineers have been bringing movie soundtracks to life for more than 60 years through the massive professional loudspeaker systems hidden away behind the screens of the world’s premiere movie houses. But you don’t have to go massive to experience the same level of excitement at home. JBL Cinema 300 speaker systems are among the smallest and most stylish that JBL engineering has ever produced. But they surround you with distinct dialogue and crisp, accurate music and effects (from voiced-matched center and satellite speakers), and all the deep, floor-rumbling bass (from a down-firing, 150-watt powered subwoofer) that you can handle. The Cinema 300 is pure Hollywood excitement sized to fit virtually any listening space.


JBL® Cinema 300 at a glance:

  • Complete 5.1-channel system
  • Optimized performance
  • Four voice-matched satellite speakers
  • Dual midrange center speaker
  • 150-watt powered subwoofer
  • Down-firing bass driver
  • Video-shielded speakers
  • CEA®-color-coded speaker connections
  • Subwoofer phase, level and bass-boost controls
  • Subwoofer line and LFE inputs
  • Subwoofer auto on/off and external trigger connection
  • Built-in keyholes for easy wall mounting
  • All speaker wires and cables included
  • Less than 1 watt standby power consumption

A complete 5.1-channel system.
To experience the full impact of today's most exciting movies at home, you need a full 5.1-channel speaker system - four surround-sound satellite speakers, a dedicated center-channel speaker and an omnidirectional powered subwoofer. The Cinema 300 speaker package has everything you'll need, including the cables and speaker wire you'll need to set it all up.

Engineered to work together.
The Cinema 300 components are designed to work together as a system for optimal performance. The four identical satellites are voice-matched to the center for consistent sound from speaker to speaker, creating a realistic, 360-degree soundstage.

Dual midrange center speaker.
The center channel is perhaps the hardest-working speaker in a home theater system. The Cinema 300 center employs dual midrange drivers for improved power handling and efficiency, delivering clear, distinct dialogue from even the most complex movie soundtracks.

150-watt powered subwoofer.
Realistic, high-impact bass is the not-so-secret key to movie excitement. The Cinema 300 subwoofer features a fast-moving, 8-inch (200mm) woofer and 150 watts of amplification for clean, lifelike bass. Subwoofer phase, level and bass-boost controls permit easy tuning of bass performance for room acoustics and personal preferences, and line and LFE subwoofer inputs ensure noise-free connections to virtually any A/V receiver.

Down-firing bass driver.
Unlike conventional, front-firing subwoofers, which interact with nearby walls and cause unwanted reflections that can muddy the sound, the down-firing Cinema 300 sub interacts principally with your floor, and its enclosure is ported for improved bass output and quality.

Our first big break was in the movies.
Our founder, James B. Lansing, was part of the engineering team that first perfected movie theater sound in the 1930s, and we've been a part of the entertainment industry ever since. Today, you'll hear the JBL® sound in premiere movie houses, noted recording studios and concert halls, arenas, stadiums, theme parks and dance clubs of every size and description. Anywhere in the world you go to be entertained, if you look closely enough, chances are you'll see a familiar three-letter logo over and over and over again. We lead the professional audio world with technologically advanced systems delivering sound that's powerful, accurate and alive. But the legendary JBL sound isn't limited to professional venues. Many of the technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques introduced and proven in our professional systems ultimately find their way into systems engineered for your home and car, including the Cinema 300.

What's in the box?
Four satellite speakers, one center-channel speaker, one powered subwoofer, speaker wire and connecting cables.