Go + Play II

High-performance portable loudspeaker dock for your iPod or iPhone.

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Take your digital music anywhere in style.
Benefitting from a full range of advanced technology, the harman kardon Go + Play II has dual high-frequency and advanced midrange transducers producing great clarity, and high-excursion, low-frequency drivers for a deep, impactful bass punch. Designed to complement any interior design scheme, the harman kardon Go + Play II is easily transported by its arched, stainless-steel handle and offers a distinct, modern look in black with silver accents. It even works as a sterling multimedia entertainment hub, syncing up with your iTunes library via a USB port and allowing you to send pictures and video straight to your TV monitor.


harman kardon Go + Play™ II at a glance:

  • Play music and video from your iPhone or iPod device
  • Modern industrial design
  • Intelligent equalization (EQ) technology
  • Bi-amplification
  • Advanced transducers
  • RF remote control
  • Works with batteries or AC power
  • Works as an iPhone and iPod charger
  • iPhone/iPod touch adapter kit
  • Convenient touch controls
  • USB port
  • S-Video output
  • Stereo mini-jack input

Plays digital music (and video) right off your iPod or iPhone device.
Considering the amount of music we store digitally, a high-performance loudspeaker has become a virtual necessity for our fast-paced lifestyles. Designed with a seamlessly integrated universal dock adapter that can play your iPhone, iPod or other MP3 player, the harman kardon Go + Play™ II offers high-performance sound for your music - anytime, anywhere, indoors or outdoors. The harman kardon Go + Play II will even graciously charge your iPod or iPhone device when plugged into a wall outlet to keep your playlist humming without interruption. Additionally, the harman kardon Go + Play II can help you export photos and videos to your TV monitor - transforming the harman kardon Go + Play II into an exceptional multimedia speaker system.

Modern, unique industrial design.
From its arched stainless-steel handle to its iPhone/iPod docking cradle, the high-performance harman kardon Go + Play™ II loudspeaker combines high-minded utility with an understated, sublimely functional industrial design. Stylish yet not too flashy, the harman kardon Go + Play II has a black body with silver accents, designed to complement virtually any interior design scheme. Defying convention at every turn, the harman kardon Go + Play II puts harman kardon® award-winning design on display for all to see.

Get high-performance sound with intelligent equalization (EQ) technology.
The harman kardon Go + Play™ II system is computer-optimized to produce an all-encompassing, 360-degree soundstage. With intelligent equalization (EQ) technology in place to improve stereo imaging greatly, the harman kardon Go + Play II delivers a powerfully tuned digital audio path that ultimately leads to unsurpassed precision in terms of performance. With clean, compact digital amplification coupled with digital signal processing (DSP), the harman kardon Go + Play II employs one algorithm that optimizes system dynamics and bass impact in AC-power mode - and another to minimize distortion during battery operation. This is just a fancy way of saying that this system sounds great, no matter which mode you play it in.

Get richer sound with bi-amplification.
Better sound, greater efficiency and cutting-edge technology that's simple to use: That's the harman kardon® promise and one reason why bi-amplification is a perfect fit for the harman kardon Go + Play™ II. Using bi-amplification, the harman kardon Go + Play II woofers and tweeters are independently amplified for exceptional richness and clarity of sound. By amplifying the woofers and tweeters separately, the harman kardon Go + Play II cuts no corners, delivering the kind of sharp, efficient, optimal sound quality you expect from harman kardon products - far exceeding other companies' products in this category.

Big bass. Minimal distortion.
A rich, full spectrum of sound and a tight, thunderous bass that consistently fills up the soundstage: That's what the harman kardon Go + Play™ II delivers in the realm of advanced technologies. For example, two Atlas™ woofers produce extended bass performance with minimal distortion, while two Odyssey® tweeters project powerful musical details over a wide listening area - giving your harman kardon Go + Play II exceptional range that most other portable loudspeakers can only dream of. No matter how and where you play this luxurious, high-end boom box, the sound will always set it apart.

Get smarter with an RF remote control.
The harman kardon Go + Play™ II system offers you infinite control by including a smart RF remote for two-way communication and superior signal reception. In Music mode, the remote lets you adjust volume, change tracks and fast-forward or reverse through songs from across the room - up to 29 feet (9 meters) away. In Navigation mode, you get full iPod or iPhone functionality, which allows you to browse by song, artist or album - as well as select playlists, slide shows and videos - as if you were holding your iPod or iPhone device in your hand.

Works with batteries or AC power.
Whether you're at home or on the run, the harman kardon Go + Play™ II works with battery power (eight type-D alkaline batteries) or with AC power if you simply plug it into a wall outlet. And when it's in AC mode, the harman kardon Go + Play II never uses battery power - and it keeps your iPhone or iPod device charged and ready to go. The battery-power feature offers you the convenience of taking your harman kardon Go + Play II to any adventurous destination without relying on electricity - be it to a beach, a park or wherever your imagination takes you.

Automatic charging for your iPhone and iPod devices.
To prevent the loss of battery power in your iPhone or iPod device, the harman kardon Go + Play™ II conveniently acts as a charging station when it's plugged into a wall outlet. Whether your iPod or iPhone device is set to Shuffle mode or to a playlist with hundreds of songs, your harman kardon Go + Play II will never drain its battery life. Instead, when connected to an electrical outlet, the harman kardon Go + Play II can keep your iPod or iPhone battery as strong as it was when you started - or stronger.

Comes with iPhone /iPod touch adapter kit.
To keep you compatible with the most popular forms of stored media, the harman kardon Go + Play™ II loudspeaker incorporates an universal dock adapter, making it compatible with most iPod models, including fifth-generation iPod nano versions. A stereo mini-jack connection gives you the added freedom of enjoying high-quality audio from a variety of other sources - including MP3 and CD players, desktop computers and laptops.

Convenient touch controls and system settings.
The harman kardon Go + Play™ II loudspeaker dock integrates the latest touch-control technology - keeping it svelte, sophisticated and simple to use. On the user-friendly control panel, one touch increases or decreases volume. Another touch mutes or unmutes the system. No turning or twisting of knobs is required. As a further nod to simplicity, the harman kardon Go + Play II also has a great memory, remembering all your previous settings when the system is powered on - a convenience feature that saves you both time and energy.

Syncs up with the iTunes music store via USB port.
It's one thing to have a loudspeaker that plays only the music you have. It's another to have one that allows you to acquire the new music you love. Whether you're on the go or staying put, the harman kardon Go + Play™ II can sync up to the iTunes music store using a USB cable, allowing you to expand your music library - even as you're listening to the library's songs.

Hooks up to your TV with an S-Video output.
In addition to having an iPhone/iPod dock that acts as a main connector for your music and multimedia, the harman kardon Go + Play™ II also has a 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo mini-jack input that lets you sync up with virtually any other audio device - including MP3 and CD players, desktop computers and laptops. Connect your high-performance loudspeaker to other sound sources, and immediately achieve compatibility with a full range of electronic devices. That's the goal of the harman kardon Go + Play II - to satisfy your every entertainment impulse while providing superior sound that enhances the experience.

harman kardon sound - a legacy of achievement.

The harman kardon Go + Play™ II enables you to take your digital music anywhere - and look good while doing it. Striking the balance among modern design, technological versatility and audio ingenuity, the harman kardon Go + Play II is a true embodiment of the harman kardon® spirit of innovation - a tradition celebrated by audio enthusiasts across the world for almost six decades.

From the world's first stereo receiver (the Festival® TA230) to the multimedia masterpiece that became part of the permanent collection at New York City's Museum of Modern Art (the SoundSticks® desktop sound system), harman kardon engineers have consistently advanced the science of sound, developing magnificent audio products that are dedicated to quality, durability and, most importantly, generating rave reviews from audiophiles.

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