*Factory Reconditioned* Four Channel Full-Range Class D Car Audio Amplifier

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Four-Channel Full-Range Class D Car Audio Amplifier with Built-in Electronic Crossover and Preamp Outputs. Its compact footprint is only 13" x 7-1/16" x 1-3/4", making it idea for tight installations.

Infinity's new Kappa amplifiers have been engineered to deliver world-class reliable power delivery in an all new compact footprint. So, not only do Infinity's new Kappa amps sound great, but they take less space than any amplifier we have ever engineered and are smaller and easier to install than the amps available from the majority of our competitors. This has been accomplished using a high-power class-D amplifier circuit design which provides high output power, high overall efficiency and efficient transfer of heat from the transistorsí metal cases to the heat sink for the ultimate in space-saving amplifier design.

The Kappa Four features both a 12dB per octave electronic crossover and bass boost circuit, allowing you to optimize speaker performance based on enclosure type, location and subwoofer selection.

The Kappa Four features a pair of unique input selection switches eliminating the need for Y-adapters and simplify signal connections.

Differential Signal Inputs eliminate ground loops that cause engine noise and work with a variety of output configurations. Speaker-level, line-level single-ended and line-level balanced output signals from any source unit can be connected directly to the Kappa amplifiersí RCA-type input connectors. High common-mode noise rejection eliminates alternator noise often present on the carís chassis and electrical noise radiated into the signal cables. In a nut shell, common mode noise rejection works by amplifying the difference between the positive and negative leads of each signal input. Since noise is present and identical on both positive and negative, itís cancelled by the circuit and all that is left is the music.

Smart protection circuitry guards against short circuits in the speaker output leads, under- and over-voltage due to a weak car battery or alternator or a failed voltage regulator in the carís charging system, and protects your speakers in the event of an amplifier failure. Additionally, Kappa amps include thermal protection that never leaves you without your music. Conventional thermal protection circuits shut the amp down completely if it gets too hot. The thermal protection circuit in Kappa amps reduces the output level slightly, reducing the amount of heat generated until the amplifier reaches an optimum temperature. The amp cools itself but the music never stops.

The Kappa Four accepts up to 4 AWG power and ground cables using the included 4-gauge terminal adapters.