MS 150
Mfg Model: MS 150/AM

Stereo system with a CD player, FM tuner and dock for iPod/iPhone devices.

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Harman Kardon® MS 150 – a sophisticated music system and alarm clock that plays music from virtually any source. Delivering high-fidelity sound from two built-in bass-reflex loudspeakers in a compact, convenient and easy-to-use package, the MS 150 is a complete high-performance system with a CD player, an FM tuner and a universal docking station that’s compatible with your iPod and iPhone device (not included). It also comes with auxiliary inputs for integration with other audio products – making the MS 150 a versatile system that’s perfect for the home, office or wherever you like to take in your favorite music.

Harman Kardon® MS 150 at a glance:

  • Playback from iPod/iPhone devices
  • Two fully integrated 30-watt, bass-reflex loudspeakers
  • Slot-loaded CD player
  • Sophisticated, modern design
  • Analog audio inputs
  • Front-panel headphone output
  • Digital-audio input
  • Front-panel audio input
  • MP3 and WMA playback
  • FM RDS tuner with six presets
  • Clock with sleep timer and alarm function
  • Subwoofer output
  • Energy-saving features

A high-performance, fully loaded, modern music system.

Plays music right off your iPhone or iPod device.
Considering the amount of music stored on our digital devices these days, a high-performance audio system without iPod and iPhone compatibility almost seems like a waste of space. As a virtual necessity for every room in the house, the MS 150 is designed specifically to accommodate our need to hear music when we want it, where we want it - coming equipped with a universal docking station to play music from iPod or iPhone devices. It will even charge your digital device along the way - keeping your battery as strong as it was before you launched into your favorite playlist.

Modern, sophisticated, decor-friendly design.
With the advent of the MS 150, the Harman Kardon® tradition for developing audio products that sound great - and look just as good - proves to be alive and well. With its polished black surfaces, futuristic oval shape and simple-to-use design, the MS 150 is the kind of audio system that serves both form and function, complementing virtually any interior design scheme you may have going on. In the realm of aesthetics, there's also a three-line dot-matrix display visible atop the unit that ensures clear visibility via its message display. The MS 150 even includes a dimmer, so you can always reduce the brightness of the information screen. Easy to look at and easy to use - that's vintage Harman Kardon.

Wide range of playback modes.
When it comes to playing different musical file formats, the MS 150 knows virtually no boundaries. Other than its slot-loaded CD player - which is compatible with the CD, CD-R and CD-RW formats - the MS 150 also plays back WMA and MP3 files to accommodate some of the most popular digital file formats of today. Once the music's playing, the MS 150 also empowers you to listen as you please, offering shuffle, repeat and shuffle with repeat playback modes, so you can hear music precisely the way you want to.

Hear all your favorite stations.
Even though the MS 150 supports all types of audio formats, it also has an FM stereo tuner that lets you hear all your favorite radio stations (at a quality level you may be unaccustomed to) through its high-performance speaker system. In addition, the MS 150 also includes a radio data system (RDS) so you can receive illuminating text updates that offer everything from the time to the artist and song title. In addition, the MS 150 also comes with direct access tuning so you can easily scan the dial or even the six station presets, which come preprogrammed to save you the time needed to find your favorite stations.

Gain versatility with inputs and outputs.
When it comes to expanding your entertainment experience beyond the capabilities of the MS 150, the MS 150 delivers a range of possibilities you may not have previously considered. With three auxiliary audio inputs, a front-panel stereo mini-jack, a front-panel headphone output for private listening and a rear-panel dual RCA jacks (line level), the MS 150 has ability to work and play well with others. There's also a digital-audio output and convenient front-panel audio input that can be used for video-game consoles or portable players - and a subwoofer output for direct connection to a powered subwoofer to help increase overall bass performance. In the realm of connectivity, the MS 150 also has one composite and S-video output for use with photo- and video-capable iPod models to support video browsing on a TV (if compatible) to provide an overall richer media experience.

Not your conventional alarm clock.
Gone are the days when the alarm clock was purely a fixture in the bedroom. These days, high-performance music systems such as the MS 150 enhance the experience of being at home by integrating advanced features - such as sleep timers - into their design so you can listen to the music of your choice while falling asleep. In addition, the MS 150 also integrates an alarm clock function with memory backup, an intuitive feature that helps remember your individual preferences. And in case your MS 150 is farther than arm's length away, the system also comes with a remote control and remote IR sensor on the front panel, behind the mesh grille, so you can command it from afar.

Capitalize on energy-saving features.
In efforts to conserve energy and adhere to European guidelines, the MS 150 high-performance audio system successfully utilizes low standby power consumption - or less than 1 watt of power. By meeting these green standards, the MS 150 keeps sound quality high - while saving power, money and, potentially, even the planet.

Harman Kardon - a legacy of sound achievement.
The Harman Kardon® MS 150 is a high-performance music system that fits perfectly into your home, office or wherever you want to hear your favorite music. Striking the balance between modern design, versatility and audio ingenuity, the MS 150 is a true embodiment of the Harman Kardon spirit of innovation - a tradition celebrated by audio enthusiasts across the world for almost six decades.

From the world's first stereo receiver (the Festival® TA230) to the multimedia masterpiece that became part of the permanent collection at New York City's Museum of Modern Art (the SoundSticks® speaker system), Harman Kardon engineers have consistently advanced the science of sound, developing magnificent audio products that are dedicated to quality, durability and, most important, generating rave reviews from audiophiles.