Mfg Model: MS-2-Z

*Factory Reconditioned* A pocket digital processor and automatic equalizer for great car audio from any portable media player

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If your music is important enough to carry with you everywhere, you should carry the JBL® MS-2 pocket digital processor. The MS-2 uses DSP (digital signal processing) equalization to optimize system performance for the acoustic characteristics of your speakers, electronics and vehicle interior, and DSP time correction to ensure that all the sounds reach your ears simultaneously, creating a coherent, richly detailed soundscape. Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and simple enough for even a novice to set up in seconds, the MS-2 will transform the listening experience in all your vehicles and even at home (with a third-party 6V DC power supply). So wherever your portable player goes, your JBL MS-2 should go, too.


JBL® MS-2 at a glance

  • Optimized sound from any player on any system
  • No installation required
  • Small, lightweight and portable – use with multiple vehicles and systems
  • One-button setup
  • DSP equalization
  • DSP time correction
  • Separate bass, treble, impact and image controls
  • Includes input/output cables and 6V DC power supply (to plug into a car’s cigarette lighter)

Optimal sound, no installation.
The JBL® MS-2 uses feedback from a built-in microphone to optimize the signal from your portable player for the best possible sound from your car audio or home music system. It automatically improves tonal balance, increases bass impact and definition, and maximizes sonic clarity and stereo imaging, all with just a push of the Setup button. The MS-2 works with all music players and all car and home audio systems that include a 1/8" (3.5mm) auxiliary input jack. Simply plug the power adapter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, and connect the MS-2 between the source player and the system. (At home, you’ll need a third-party 6V DC power supply, which is sold separately.)

DSP equalization
The MS-2 uses digital signal processing to improve tonal accuracy by automatically compensating for the sonic characteristics of your speakers, electronics and vehicle or listening-room interior.

DSP time correction
Time correction automatically ensures that the sounds from all speakers arrive at your ears simultaneously, dramatically improving clarity and imaging.

Ultra-simple one-button setup
For all difference it makes, the JBL® MS-2 pocket digital processor couldn’t be any easier to set up and use. Just plug it in, hold it at eye level, and press the Setup button. In about five minutes or less, you’ll be enjoying your favorite music as never before.

Separate bass, treble, impact and image controls
A defeat switch lets you compare system performance with and without the MS-2, and individual bass, treble, impact and image controls let you fine-tune the sound to suit particular tracks and your personal preferences.

From the official brand of live sound.
There’s really only one goal in reproducing sound: to duplicate the experience of hearing a live performance. In pursuing that goal for more than 60 years, JBL® professional loudspeakers have set – and continuously raised – the audio industry’s benchmark for accuracy and realism. Today, you’ll hear JBL systems virtually everywhere you hear great sound. Renowned performance spaces, major sports arenas, convention halls and well over half of all the world’s movie theaters are powered by JBL equipment. Best-selling musicians have been relying on JBL loudspeakers in the studio and on the road since before the halcyon days of the first Woodstock music festival. But JBL products aren’t just for audio professionals. We also build exceptional entertainment systems for homes and cars that incorporate many of the same advanced technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques originally developed for our professional systems.