Mfg Model: PT800CH-Z

"Factory Reconditioned" 3-Way 8-inch wall, corner-mount or bookshelf satellite speakers

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One of the basic building blocks of the Performance system, the PT800 3-way, 8-inch tower satellite can be used in one of three configurations: docked with the PS1400 powered subwoofer to function as an integrated floorstanding loudspeaker system; stacked with the PS1400 but receiving its signal directly from the receiver or amplifier; or mounted on a wall, in a corner or on a bookshelf. Use as many PT800s as are needed for a premium two-channel system, or a 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 or higher home theater system. Cherry.

This 3-way, 8-inch tower satellite reproduces sound with incredible power, while preserving the clarity and detail of the original recording.

Pure-titanium, high-frequency-transducer domes with neodymium magnet structures are ultralight to accurately reproduce lightning-fast sounds like cymbal crashes, yet extremely rigid to eliminate distortion and ear fatigue in the transition between the midrange and high-frequency bands.

Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal™ (EOS) waveguides were first developed for our JBL Professional LSR studio monitors. They enable Performance Series speakers to evenly disperse high frequencies and create precise stereo imaging over a wide listening area.

Pure-titanium, inverted dome midrange transducers seamlessly blend with the titanium dome tweeters by offering nearly perfect pistonic motion that eliminates uncontrollable flexing found in conventional cones. The inverted dome is driven precisely at its center, which cancels resonances inherent in cone materials. The result is ruler-flat frequency response well beyond the crossover point.

Titanium-alloy, inverted dome low-frequency transducers deliver precise, undistorted bass reproduction that matches the titanium tweeters and midranges. The powerful neodymium magnet provides its own video-shielding, allowing flexible placement, even near video monitors. Cast-aluminum frames remain rigid even at the highest volumes, avoiding distortion found in some other speaker designs. And aluminum doesn''t affect the magnetic flux, so that driver movement is precise and unmuddied.