Mfg Model: REF475A-Z

*Factory Reconditioned* 4-Channel Full-Range Amplifier

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4-Channel full-range amplifier with on-board electronic crossover and variable bass boost.

The RCA low-level inputs on the 475a have allow for connection to both a preamp level signal and direct connection to a high-level factory head unit.

The 475a comes outfitted with a variable 12dB per octave electronic crossover allowing you to optimize system tuning based on speaker location and accompanying loudspeaker components

A variable bass boost circuit is provided to optimize the low frequency performance of your system.

Full range preamp outputs are provided facilitating multiple amplifier hookups without the need for costly Y-adapters or signal splitters.

The Reference 475a's high-output PWM MOSFET power supply ensures optimum power delivery into numerous impedances with low distortion.