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What is HARMAN Factory Reconditioned?

The merchandise listed on this page has been previously returned to our warehouse and restored to our original factory specifications. These products have been thoroughly tested and inspected by our trained technicians to ensure they will deliver the same performance as when they were new. They may show signs of prior use, such as minor cosmetic blemishes (scratches, scuffs, etc).

HARMAN Factory Reconditioned products are indicated by a "-Z" suffix in their model numbers, and are fully covered by their original warranty period.

Limit 2 units per item, per order.

  • Infinity P143BK-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* Magnetically shielded two-way bookshelf/wall-mount loudspeaker


    Original Price: $109.00

    $69.99 / Each

    You Save: $39.00

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  • Infinity P163BK-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* Magnetically shielded two-way bookshelf loudspeaker


    Original Price: $159.00

    $69.99 / Each

    You Save: $89.00

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  • Infinity KAPPA462.9CFP-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* 4" x 6" two-way plate loudspeaker


    Original Price: $169.95

    $74.99 / Pair

    You Save: $95.00

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  • Infinity KAPPA32.9CF-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* 3-1/2" two-way loudspeaker


    Original Price: $139.95

    $83.99 / Pair

    You Save: $56.00

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  • Infinity 6912M-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* 6x9 2-Way Marine Speaker


    Original Price: $209.95

    $89.99 / Pair

    You Save: $120.00

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  • Infinity REF475A-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* 4-Channel Full-Range Amplifier


    Original Price: $279.95

    $99.99 / Each

    You Save: $180.00

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  • Infinity PC251BK-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* Magnetically Shielded Two-Way Center-Channel Loudspeaker.


    Original Price: $229.00

    $139.99 / Each

    You Save: $89.00

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  • Infinity BASSLINK-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* Self-Amplified Subwoofer System


    Original Price: $349.95

    $149.99 / Each

    You Save: $200.00

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  • Infinity P363BK-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* Magnetically shielded three-way floorstanding loudspeaker.


    Original Price: $379.00

    $164.99 / Each

    You Save: $214.00

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  • Infinity PC351BK-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* Magnetically shielded three-way center-channel loudspeaker.


    Original Price: $299.00

    $192.99 / Each

    You Save: $106.00

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  • Infinity KAPPA FIVE-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* Five-Channel Class-D System Amplifier


    Original Price: $549.95

    $229.00 / Each

    You Save: $321.00

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  • Infinity KAPPA PERFECT6.1-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* 6-1/2" Component System


    Original Price: $474.95

    $329.00 / Pair

    You Save: $146.00

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  • Infinity PS312BK-Z

    *Factory Reconditioned* 700/400-Watt (Peak/RMS) powered subwoofer.


    Original Price: $549.00

    $349.99 / Each

    You Save: $199.00

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