Reference 475a

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At a Glance:
  • Class D subwoofer amps
  • Cea-2006-compliant
  • Audiophile-quality Full-range amplifiers
  • Dbo bass-optimization circuit
  • Onboard electronic crossovers
  • Variable bass-boost
  • Direct-connect terminals
  • Full-range preamp outputs
  • Included remote level control
4-Channel full-range amplifier with on-board electronic crossover and variable bass boost. The RCA low-level inputs on the 475a have allow for connection to both a preamp level signal and direct connection to a high-level factory head unit. The 475a comes outfitted with a variable 12dB per octave electronic crossover allowing you to optimize system tuning based on speaker location and accompanying loudspeaker components. A variable bass boost circuit is provided to optimize the low frequency performance of your system. Full range preamp outputs are provided facilitating multiple amplifier hookups without the need for costly Y-adapters or signal splitters. The Reference 475a's high-output PWM MOSFET power supply ensures optimum power delivery into numerous impedances with low distortion.
Product Features:
  • Class D subwoofer amps
    Efficiency is the benefit of the Infinity Reference Series Class D subwoofer amplifiers. A higher percentage of the power the amp extracts from the car’s charging system is converted into output to the speakers, and less is wasted as heat. That is really important if you're trying to provide power to a 1000-watt amplifier. Class D technology turns the analog input signal into a series of pulses that can be amplified more efficiently by transistors used as switches, rather than valves. They're either on and operating at their most efficient level, or they’re off. The pulses are converted back into an analog signal by an output filter.
  • Cea-2006-compliant
    All Infinity amplifiers are tested in accordance with CEA-2006, which provides a testing procedure to help customers compare amplifiers accurately – apples to apples. Specs are based on industry-accepted standards, rather than on the whims of amplifier companies’ marketing departments. Look for the CEA-2006 logo when comparing amplifiers, to be sure you’re getting the power you’re paying for.
  • Audiophile-quality Full-range amplifiers
    Class AB full-range amplifiers offer audiophilequality performance and the best compromise between efficiency, low distortion, maximum available headroom and output power.
  • Dbo bass-optimization circuit
    provides superior control and adjustability, compared to traditional bass-boost. DBO is a 2nd order high-pass filter that can be adjusted between 20Hz and 80Hz. The boost (or Q) adjustment boosts the signal above the highpass filter frequency. Used with a sealed box, it can help to increase output for more “fun” if it’s set to about 45Hz. If it’s used with a vented box, it should be set at or slightly below the tuned frequency of the box. That will prevent woofer unloading, and provide more output at the frequency where the box is tuned and the woofer’s excursion is minimized – where it can handle more power.
  • Onboard electronic crossovers
    Reference Series amplifiers include 2nd order (12dB/octave) slopes and are continuously variable from 32Hz to 200Hz.
  • Variable bass-boost
    provides up to 12dB of boost at 50Hz in the Reference Series full-range amplifiers.
  • Direct-connect terminals
    eliminate the need for additional solder-on or crimp-on terminals and provide an easy and reliable connection for power, ground and speaker wires.
  • Full-range preamp outputs
    eliminate the need for signal splitters.
  • Included remote level control
    The amount of bass in popular recordings differs greatly from track to track. Give your customer as much control as you see fit with the RLC. It varies the output of the amplifier from no output up to the maximum output level that you set with the input sensitivity control.
Manuals & Downloads:
General Specifications:
Signal-to-noise ratio
85dBA (reference 1 watt into 4 ohms)
Dynamic power
117 watts at 2 ohms
Effective damping factor
6.3 at 4 ohms
Frequency response
10Hz – 100Hz (–3dB)
Maximum input signal
Maximum sensitivity
Dimensions (L x W x H)
14-3/16" x 9" x 2-11/16" (360mm x 229mm x 68mm)

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