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We test it so you can crank it The last thing you want to worry about is your amplifier going bad on a long road trip. We understand. We test Infinity amplifiers according to the strictest and most demanding reliability-testing regimen ever designed for car audio amplifiers. We shake, bake, freeze, drop and shock them – all while they’re operating. When they’ve passed all these tests, we test them again. The result is a series of amplifiers that just don’t break. So go ahead and play them long and loud. We want you to.
At a Glance:
  • Audiophile-quality Class AB amplifier
  • Variable bass boost
  • Remote level control
  • Onboard electronic crossovers
  • Direct-connect terminals
A more moving audio experience When you want a truly moving car audio experience, look no further than Infinity® Reference amplifiers. Expect extreme output with accuracy and detail for the ultimate listening experience on the road. For years, Infinity has led the industry with innovative materials and breakthrough engineering that has left the competition scrambling to keep up. Infinity Reference amplifiers feature technologies such as a Dynamic Bass Optimization (DBO) circuit and remote-level controls for the subwoofer and five-channel amplifiers. And Infinity Reference amplifiers are CEA®-2006 certified, so you already know you are getting all the power that you are paying for. So make your car audio system stand up and deliver by powering it with Infinity Reference amplifiers. Prepare to be moved.
Product Features:
  • Audiophile-quality Class AB amplifier
    When you want an extraordinary listening experience on the road, you need a high-quality amplifier to bring out all the rich detail and clarity from your music. You need an amplifier that is efficient enough to deliver maximum headroom and output power with low distortion. And with the Infinity Reference 5350a, you can now get this power and performance for both your speakers and your subwoofer out of just a single amplifier. The Reference 5350a features a class AB amplifier engineered for extracting the ultimate performance from your car audio speakers. As a complete system solution, the 5350a delivers 50 watts x 4 RMS into four ohms for your front and rear interior speakers while also delivering 150 watts x 1 to a subwoofer. It puts out plenty of good, clean power to drive even the most demanding speakers and subwoofers. What’s more, the 5350a is CEA-2006 certified. The Consumer Electronics Association’s testing procedure is based on accepted industry standards and is not some power spec made up to satisfy a marketing department. With Infinity, it ensures that you are getting every bit of power out of the 5350a that we say you will. Now that’s Reference quality power. So take your car audio system to the next level. With the 5350a your speakers (and your subwoofer!) are going to enjoy clean, audiophile-quality power – and you know what that means. It means get ready to listen. You won’t believe the sound.
  • Variable bass boost
    Who doesn’t like a little extra bass? To make sure that you are getting every last bit of bump out of your system, the Reference 5350a features a variable bass boost. This bass boost gives you control over your sound by allowing you up 12dB of extra bass at 50Hz. It also empowers you to fine-tune your system to your listening preference and to the parameter of your vehicle for the best bass response possible.
  • Remote level control
    We know that you are probably going to probably want just a bit more bass when you’re listening to Metallica than when you have your favorite Barry Manilow track playing. The Reference 5350a’s included remote level control makes adjusting bass output on the fly easy.. First, set the input sensitivity control on the amplifier for the maximum output level. Then mount the control somewhere close and use its simple rotating knob to dial up just the right amount of bass for whatever music you’re playing.
  • Onboard electronic crossovers
    A great-sounding car audio system is about achieving that perfect blend of all the system’s speakers. The more precise the blend, the more seamless the sound, which results in great imaging, smooth vocals and music that sounds both realistic and natural. To give you this precise control, the Reference 5350a uses onboard electronic crossovers that allow you to dial in the perfect blend. The 5350a uses 2nd-order (12dB/octave) slopes and is continuously variable from 32Hz to 200Hz.
  • Direct-connect terminals
    Maximizing the performance of your amplifier demands high-performance wiring. The Reference 5350a makes installing a reliable connection easy with high-quality, direct-connect terminals. Direct-connect terminals eliminate the need for additional solder-on or crimp-on terminals, and provide easy and reliable connections for power, ground and speaker wires.
Manuals & Downloads:
Audio Specifications:
Signal-to-noise ratio
85dBA (reference 1 watt into 4 ohms)
Effective damping factor
6.3 at 4 ohms
Frequency response
10Hz – 100kHz (channels 1, 2, 3, 4), 10Hz to 302Hz (channel 5)
Maximum input signal
Maximum sensitivity
System Specifications:
Dimensions (L x W x H)
16-9/16" x 9" x 2-11/16"
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
421mm x 229mm x 68mm

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